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Wow, I don't think it's been long enough since I've posted. Oh, yes it has.

Really, not too much has been going on. Cory and I moved back to my mom's last weekend, and it's been fine, actually. I really hated moving all that furniture, but our storage facility let us borrow their moving truck for free, so at least we didn't have to pay U-Haul anything. I am saying that I will never move my own furniture again! I am horrible at it. We will just save up some extra for moving costs.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, and I started going back to the gym this week. I really needed to. I'm almost back up at my highest weight again, and I can feel it in the way I sit and walk, and the way I wear my clothes. I have friends that are taking pills and stuff to lose weight, but I just can't go that route. I lost weight before by eating right and exercising, so I should be able to again. Also, I'm going to be taking a plane ride for work sometime in the next month or two, so the smaller I am, the better! Boo for small plane seats.

Back to work for now. Is it springtime yet?
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Welcome back missy!

I have to tell you.. I just started(yesterday actually) reading this book.. The 3 Season Diet by John Douillard and it explains how those other diets don't work because you have to go with the cycle of the seasons. Nature knows best when it comes to what we need to eat.. So what you eat in the winter isn't what you eat in the summer.. if you are into eating right and not doing those fad diets you ought to check this out.. Seriously.. he has a lecture I am going to go to in March and it is going to be bad ass.. he is a doctor in the field I am very interested in Ayurveda (the science of life) and has a place out here by me called LifeSpa. just some food for thought if you want something to help you stop craving foods you don't need.. it teaches you how to crave food that is good for you and in the right season.. good stuff!

I know you are going to do great!! keep it positive!

peace sista!

Re: Welcome back missy!

Hey, girl!

That sounds really interesting! I will have to check that out. Right now I am kind of doing something similar, trying to work in more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and soups. I have been to the farmer's market here in Memphis a couple of times, too.

Positive thinking can do so much! Thank you!
Don't go the pill route! I'd say 99.9% of those, as soon as you quit, you gain it right back. Including that new alli stuff. The web site says you can gain it back if you don't keep payin $60 a month to shit your pants.
I've lost 12 pounds so far. I cut out all sodas and sugary drinks. Just water and Crystal Light. And cut way back on cheeses and fast foods. And I'm exercisin like a demon. You can do it!!!

June 2008

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