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Justin Timberlake show!

I'm not ashamed to admit I had a great time at the JT show last night. Mostly because the show really was meant for adults, so it made me giggle to think of the parents who brought their 8 year olds and weren't expecting to hear "the F-word" or see burlesque dancers.

I am so looking forward to the end of this week! Friday, we're leaving to go to Baton Rouge, and we'll be there through Wednesday (heads up, people). Then, when I get back, Josh and I are heading to the great state of KY to visit Scott. It's going to rule.

Mmm, I'm hungry. Time for lunch!


I'm so so so excited for his HBO special at the end of September. He is really just sex.
I forgot about that, I'll have to catch it!

The show was amazing. Great lights and choreography, and he came out and did an encore on piano after saying a few words about playing such a big show in his hometown. He looked really touched. And hot! hehe.
Sweet! I will let you know when I know what time we're actually getting back on Wednesday.

hey steph

i find it highly unlikely that you even remember me. but i used to go out with josh randall back in the day. like 4 years ago. but anyway, sharon, another ex of his, and i were trying to get in touch with him. but you know how he does that dissappearing thing. so if you knew how to reach him id really appreciate it. or maybe if darren knew. i was just concerned on whether he was ok or not, bc he called me to tell me that his dad had died during christmas of 05, but i havent heard from him since then. thanks a lot steph.


Re: hey steph

I remember you! And Sharon. I haven't talked to Josh in years (I moved back to Memphis after I graduated), but I texted Darren (who lives in Texas now) and he said that he hasn't talked to Josh since his dad died, but that apparently he lives with his girlfriend (still in Baton Rouge, I guess?) and doesn't have a cell phone.

I'll be going to Baton Rouge this weekend, so if I hear anything, I'll let you know.

June 2008

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