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Man, this week seems to be going by so slowly! I'm having to help out with the customer support people today (and yesterday), and that's no fun. I get really nervous about talking to people I don't know on the phone. Especially when I don't know if I can help them with their problems! I like being in my own little world back here, working on the websites.

We started putting Buster in a crate during the day today. I don't know if he's having problems, or is acting out or what, but sometimes we will come home after work and he's gone to the bathroom in very inappropriate places (on the front of the dresser, our computer desk, in our closet!). So we got a big crate from my mom and in he went this morning. I think it'll be a big load off my mind, not wondering if he's been good all day. I look forward to the day when we have a house, and I can let him out in the back yard in the morning, instead of having to walk him around the apartment complex. Not that I mind the walking, but it always seems to happen when it's not convenient (like when I'm running late for work!).

I've got friends coming in from Baton Rouge on Saturday, which I am super excited about! We are going to the casinos, and definitely doing some shopping. I get paid tomorrow, so it's perfect timing.

Oh, and Deanna! I keep forgetting to get my Mary Kay stuff. Would today be good?


You could always bring Buster over to play with our Buster!! :) Anytime you want, especially because our yard is HUGE!

Depends on the time, actually. I'm taking Lara and Edward to the airport at 6 or sometime around then. What time were you thinking?
I get off work right at 5, and I work right by your house so it would maybe take me 5 minutes to get there. Would that be okay?
yeah, sure! I will be at home then! I get off work at 4:30, so I typically get home right before then... Feel free to bring Buster and let him run around in the backyard!


Sounds good! I should be there shortly after 5. See you then!
that was me, oops!

June 2008

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