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I hate to use the word "random" to describe a post.

I tried wearing my hair curly today. I'm not sure if I like it this way yet, but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I slept on it when it was wet, so it dried funny. Oops!

Thinking about getting a permanent account, but I haven't decided yet. It would be so cool never to have to pay for livejournal again.

My shirt is almost the same color as the walls of my office. hehe.

Is it just me, or is 90% of TV right now about weddings? Wedding style, wedding cake, wedding planning, honeymoon destinations, bridezillas! As someone who would like to get married sometime but has no actual plans to get married yet, it is making me simultaneously frustrated and excited. I guess it really doesn't matter, because there is no way in hell we'll have the budget anyone on TV does (we would be paying for everything ourselves). I think really the only things I would care about are the cake and the photography. I just know I don't want to get married at a courthouse like my mom and my sister both did.

My stomach is telling me it's time for breakfast. Off to the break room.


It's June dear ;) The number 1 wedding month of the year. I know this makes me sound gay knowing facts like this, but keep in mind I was married once long long ago, lol...
I know. I think it's just hard for me because I am at that stage where a lot of my friends are married or getting married, and I want that but at the same time don't want to rush it, you know?
YES, I do know very very well!! Whatever you do don't rush it. If it's right and you know it's right then I'll be the first to say I'm ecstatic for you, but I'm also very much a proponent of waiting until you know for sure (within reason of course). I rushed into a marriage once and while it's mostly past me now, part of me will probably always be paying the price. If either of you have doubts then give it a little time, but if you know then don't forget to invite me damnit!! :-D
curly hair? pics please! :)

yes, everything on TV is about weddings lately. but I love it since i'm getting married. I do see your point though. Photography is taking the most money for the entire wedding, including honeymoon. Cake is pretty expensive too but luckily that's a wedding gift from someone. and don't worry, we dont have anywhere near the budget the people on TV have either. We're paying for about 60% ourselves, and even having help, it still kills our bank accounts :)
I love watching the wedding stuff, I just don't want to make myself wish away all the time before the engagement/wedding time! hehe. It will happen eventually.

I love reading about all your wedding planning. One good thing about getting married later than everyone else is that I can take all the tips and lessons learned from all of you guys!
i do know a certain photographer if the need arises.... ;)
You know, I just may take you up on that... if the need arises!

I have actually thought about getting someone to take some pictures of us, just because we don't have very many!
cool! edward's done more than a few "couples" type photoshoots.. he's actually doing one for two of my graduated students - two girls- in a few weeks (they're both going off to separate colleges and want pics of them together).. anyways.. yeah :)
just a plug: www.charbonnetphotography.com hehe..

June 2008

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