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omg new hair

So, I haven't had my hair cut in over a year, but I finally did it! I took the plunge and went to Pavo (an Aveda salon; I love their products!) and went for something totally different. I actually thought I was going to get more cut off than I did (it's still pretty long). Yay for finding a hair person I like! It's a cut that looks good straight but that I can still be lazy and have it look good curly.

I went from this:

to this:

What do you think?



Your hair looks great like that! Very light for the summer too, I'm sure!
yay for haircuts! you look great!! i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.. i hope it turns out as good. :)
yay for good haircuts! it looks really cute!
very cute!



Your hair is fabulous! I'm curious about this Pavo place. Are they well priced and nice people? I'm having trouble finding a hair place here in Memphis.

Re: Fabulous!

P.S. this is Audrey... I wasn't logged in

Re: Fabulous!

Thanks! Pavo is in the Laurelwood shopping center (at Perkins and Poplar; the shop is in the back, in the part the farthest away from the intersection). It says their haircuts run $40+; I think mine was right around $40. It's not cheap, but I've found that any Aveda salon (I used to go to the cheapy $10 student one at the Aveda school in Baton Rouge) is usually really good; they use all natural plant products and their stuff smells awesome and works really well.

They had no problem scheduling me extra time for a consultation (for free) before my appointment (and they'll make separate appointments for consultations, too, if you just want to talk to someone and check it out). Plus, for being a new client, they gave me a free set of (pretty big) travel size shampoo and conditioner.

I liked it, and I'll probably go back there. I hadn't had a haircut in over a year, so I didn't mind the price so much. It's not too far off from what you'd spend at Gould's, anyway. If you do check it out, my stylist's name was Kameron. She was really nice, and had no problems answering my questions and helping me decide stuff.

Re: Fabulous!

$40 bucks isn't bad at all for a hair cut! I am always so intimidated by hair salons, I'm thinking about trying your place, it doesn't sound scary.

June 2008

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