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I had a great day today.

Today started with me waking up around 1pm because we had stayed out until past 2 last night playing cards with my family. I meant to get up around 10 or 11, but when you can sleep in, why not? Cory and I headed over to Sarah's to go swimming and catch a little sun, but not before I stopped by Sephora (it's right by her house!) to get Nars Orgasm blush and Stila Cherry Mint lip glaze. I think I'm going to be obsessed with makeup for a little while, but it'll calm down eventually.

Sarah's was fun. Everyone went swimming, even Cory, which was awesome because he's not much for the pool, usually. We played games and goofed around for a few hours. Then they went to grab some pizza, and I headed over to Deanna's party! I felt bad for not getting in and doing the water games, but I was social with all the dry people, and the drinks were good. :-) I think I am going to have to return the favor and have a karaoke/Guitar Hero night and invite people over.

I left the party to go join Cory, Kim, Jeff, and Sarah at the Paradiso to see Knocked Up again. I think it's pretty much like 40 Year Old Virgin in that it gets funnier every time you go; it's very quotable! The only bad part was they stuck us in this tiny theater, and it sold out! It was so small it only had about 10 rows with 5 seats on each side of the aisle. We all got to sit together, though, so it was fine.

Now we're at home, and I think I am just about ready for bed. I have no plans for tomorrow, either; more sleeping in, yay!


Thanks for coming! It was good to see you! :)

June 2008

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