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so, yeah...

I am typing this entry from my new work computer. My old one was getting so slow (3 minutes or more just to close a program!), and they were nice enough to get me a new one. It's pretty sweet, and gets the job done. Plus, I get to use all the pretty features of Windows Vista.

Last weekend was very interesting. Cory was out of town, so I got to hang out on my own. Friday night, Sarah and I went to the Italian Festival, then went and watched most of The Babysitter's Club movie at my apartment. After that, I got to go see Knocked Up with Chris and his crew, which I thought was hilarious, followed by some shooters over at RP Tracks. I hadn't been there in forever, but they still had a couple of drinks I remembered, plus excellent cheese fries. Yum.

Saturday, I treated myself to some girly time and and went to check out the new Sephora store in Collierville. Oh my god. Is anyone else a makeup junkie like me? If you like playing around with makeup and beauty products, this is your store. The place is filled with testers and samples, and mirrors and applicators of every kind. Seriously, you can try anything, plus they have people there to give suggestions and do makeovers and stuff. I went in with a bare face, and came out well, not with a bare face? I don't want to say made up. hehe. But I did get some great eyeshadow. Then I went to my mom's to have dinner with her, Sarah, and Kim. I think the night was destined to be nonstop, because after that I met Josh at the apartment, and we headed down to The Complex for Jason's band (Hittin' Jim)'s show. Met some cool new people, and saw some people I hadn't seen in a long time, which was awesome. Then everyone went to Jason's, where we hung out talking on the patio until the sun came up. I can't even remember the last time I stayed up that late (is that good or bad?)! Hit Krystal's for some early morning hamburgers, and it was off to bed.

Sunday was just sleeping in and cleaning. Cory came home in time for dinner. Also, I managed to break my toe. At least I'm pretty sure, anyway. I was carrying a load of laundry in my arms, and my right pinky toe got caught on the doorframe of the bathroom in the hall. I heard this horrible CRACK! and just had to sit down for awhile, you know? I'm wearing flip flops because it hurts too much to have it in a shoe all day.

I did go back to the gym this week (for real), and have worked out every day at lunch. I had to start going again. I lost about 35 pounds last year, and have gained about 20 back. Plus, I felt a lot better when I was exercising regularly and eating healthier. So, it's back on the wagon for me. I fell off sometime around Thanksgiving/Christmas last year by "taking a little break" from exercise. Lesson learned!

Anyway, that's been me for the past few days.


Sephora is my heroin. I went in today to buy some lip balm because I was out, I left with way more than that. That place is dangerous.
Yeah, my goal was to get a new eyeshadow or two, and I ended up getting six eyeshadows, a palette to put them in, and some eyeshadow primer. Oops!
Oooh! What kind of eye shadows did you get? Did you get the Urban Decay primer? Because it is the best stuff out there.
Yes, I got the Urban Decay primer. Most of their other makeup is too glittery for me, but that stuff really works! I had been using Benefit's F. Y. Eye (because I <3 Benefit), but the Urban Decay is way better.

I got all Stila eyeshadows, and the 6-pan palette. The colors I got were Key, Nude, Starlight, Golightly, Twilight, and Java. I'm a redhead with green eyes and super fair skin, so I try to stay away from most of the colors, but I got convinced into getting one purple one. :-)

We will have to share makeup recommendations!
I have a four pan Stila palette with (I had to look this up on sephora!) chinois, kitten, grace and java. That is the perfect thing to take on vacation as all the necessary colors are there.

Yesterday I bought a CARGO palette: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P179919&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=4257. I love it!
It was fun going to dinner with you and Cory tonight. We should hang out more often, especially since you're only across the street from me now. :)
Definitely! Maybe you guys can expand our dining out repertoire. I think you're the closest thing we have to a neighbor, so we should hang out more often.
we have an engagement party coming up on the 30th of this month. invitations should be going out soon. i hope yall can make it, if not i understand.
I don't see why not! It's on a Saturday, so we'd love to be there. I am so excited about y'all's wedding; I can't imagine how excited you are!
I really enjoy your mood in this post.
Thanks! I really enjoyed my mood yesterday. hehe.

Seriously, work has been crazy insane up until recently, and now that things have relaxed a bit, I thought it was a good time to start posting again. :-)

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