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lots o stuff

Well, we are pretty much officially moved into our new apartment! We haven't hung anything on the walls yet, and we are still waiting on our furniture we bought to arrive, but it's all good. It doesn't feel like home yet, but I'm hoping it will eventually. We do have internet, phone and cable. Not bad.

There are a lot of things on my mind lately, but I don't feel like I can write them all down. Just been in kind of a bummer mood. Is there any way to know you're on the "right" track in life? When I was younger, I always thought that if I did the right things, that I would get some sort of validation, but it doesn't really work that way. I'm frustrated and I can't put my thoughts into words, so I'll just stop here.


Some things

Do you have the job you want, the person you want are you headed towards those things yet? Are you still on track to your long term goals? YOu Know you are on the right track when you acomplish some of those goals and continue onward.

Re: Some things

I think I am on the right track, I just get discouraged when I look at my debt (which I am working on paying off, though), and when bad things happen (like needing a new washer and dryer, among other things).

You are a great role model for working towards a dream, by the way. Good luck on all your applications!

Re: Some things

That is really sweet but I too feel like I have no validation yet as I have not reached any of the goals I am striving for and keep getting shut down, but in a few short weeks I am biting the bullet and getting out of here for good, job or no and I will be ok becuase there is no other way to be. I look at what you have acomplished since I met you and I am a little envious too, but then, we all have things that someone else wants :-)
Someone needs a hug.
Hugs are good. Really, I just need a week off and a massage. hehe.

I've just been comparing myself to other people lately, and I know I shouldn't be, and it's hard. I just need to step back and appreciate my life as it is, instead of what it isn't.

p.s. When are you guys officially moving?

June 2008

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