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So, I'm a little late, but...

Here are some pictures from New Year's.

Obligatory self-portrait

My friend Sarah and I. She just came back home after spending 5 years in the Navy.

Cory and I. I really like this picture of him.

My brother-in-law Jeff and my sister Kim.

Jeff proceeded to get kind of drunk, which is unusual for him. He got really silly. This is his leprechaun face.

Cory looks really short here, but Jeff is sitting on a car and Cory is just standing.


Jeff wearing all the New Year's hats.

Sarah had a few too many mimosas. Heh.

All in all, it was a fun night. We just stayed home, which is my favorite thing to do for New Year's.

Back to this week. Things have been going really well. Cory got the job he applied for, which is awesome! I'm so proud of him. He starts next Monday. Now comes the fun part, which is working out a budget so we can save up enough money to get our own place. We're hoping to rent a townhome somewhere in East Memphis or Bartlett, maybe Germantown. So we're kind of starting the apartment hunt, and saving money (or for me, paying debt). I'm very excited about having him here in Memphis finally. I feel like we can really move forward instead of being stagnant like we were before. We just have to survive living with my family for a few months first!


wow. i am really happy that things worked out for the two of you. and good luck with everything. matt and i are currently looking for a house. our lease ends in march so hopefully something good will come up that we can snatch. maybe we can come up there soon.
Good luck on the house hunt! Are you guys looking to rent or buy? I'd love to buy a house, but I need to pay down some more debt first, and I don't want to buy a house with Cory until we're married. We would love to have you guys come up when we find a place; we're planning on having a guest bedroom wherever we go.

Cory is in Baton Rouge until Friday or Saturday. You guys should give him a call.
aww, you look so pretty! :)

June 2008

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