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The One with the Credit Report

So, I decided to go ahead and get my free credit report and see what it looked like. I got a copy from each of the three bureaus (to compare), and sure enough, there are some inaccurate things on there. One charged off account that belonged to my dad (and only appears on one of the three reports), and one account apparently sent to collections that I didn't know about. It's from Baptist Minor Med from about four years ago, which means that it's something either my parents or my insurance didn't pay. Fabulous. I did some research and I think I can get the charged off account taken off, since that wasn't my debt, but since my name was probably on that medical bill, looks like that one will stay on there for another three years until it falls off.

I think I am going to go to the FICO website at some point and get my official score from all three reporting bureaus. It's probably going to be a pretty wide range, considering I have one perfect report, one awful, and one in between. It's frustrating that it's set up this way.

On a better note, my iPod should be coming in on next Tuesday! I was hoping to get it a little earlier, but I can be patient since it was free shipping.

Okay, off to get some lunch. I missed breakfast so I'm pretty hungry.
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