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pink glitter by deathphobia

I am very clumsy

I was walking down the hall earlier at work, lost in thought, and totally tripped right in front of my boss's office. Then, later, as I was bringing my lunch back to my desk, I dropped it (a bowl of jambalaya) and a glass of water. Water on the keyboard, food on the floor. Man, am I good or what?

Anyway, hopefully that's all out of the way for today, and only good things lie ahead. After today I get four days off in a row, and I don't have to do anything I don't want to! That sounds so awesome. Hopefully I'll get to catch a movie or something, and take in the LSU/Arkansas game on Friday. Definitely not going shopping! Oh, and speaking of movies, I'm going to go see The Holiday (the one with Kate Winslet and Jack Black) sometime the weekend it comes out (12/8). Anyone interested?

I haven't been really writing much in here, but it just seems like there is never anything going on! It seems like when things are bad, they're not exciting enough to write about, and when things are good, there's not anything exciting to write about. No sharp peaks, just gentle slopes in the ups and downs of life, I guess. I did give a guy my phone number recently, how's that for news? It's not something I do very often. It's kind of hard to meet good single guys, it seems like. I guess the point is not to worry about it too much; I will meet someone eventually and it's not worth wasting the time until then just waiting.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful to have such a great group of friends, and even though I don't see some of them very often, I'm thinking about all of you.


Welcome to my world

A swear, I might legally change my middle name to clumsy since it fits me so well.


I notice you chose the less conventional actors to list instead of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. Interesting, very interesting. (Though I admit I don't know why)

Re: Interesting

They are my two favorites out of the four. Cameron Diaz is okay, but I like Kate Winslet a lot more, and I'm not the biggest fan of Jude Law. He's okay, but I really like Jack Black.

I'm just an unconventional sort of person, I guess. :-)

June 2008

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