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I had a strange, strange dream last night.

There was some kind of event I was going to. I was dressed up, and everyone from my high school class was there. But it was in a big, dark banquet hall, kind of like the cafeteria at Rhodes, maybe. I remember there being a buffet with Chinese food and fried chicken. When I went to pay for the food, I had to go to a window kind of like the old-fashioned bank counters, with the glass in front and the slot to put the money. I pushed a $20 under the window before the girl walked up to take it, and it got sucked into the chute for the drive through! It was just floating in the middle of it, though. Well, the people at the (apparently it was a Regions Bank) place said there was no way to prove it was my money, so I couldn't have it back. I got really pissed and went around to the back of it, which had some steps, and I was just standing there pissed off, when Hurley from Lost came walking up with his mom. He was really nice, but had shorter hair than on the show. Weird. Then, I walked off, yelling "I hate Regions!" as I went past the bank people, and all of a sudden I was at a fair. I was walking around past sno cone people and horses and carriages. I also passed a Santa Claus tent, which was really weird. I made it out to the parking lot, and started seeing these little tubes sticking out of the ground (think like drainage pipes), except they had large tokens coming out. I scooped some up, thinking that if I had to go to the fair alone, I could at least ride the rides I wanted to, and take some cool pictures off the Ferris wheel. Some kids were walking up behind me, so I stopped picking up tokens so they could have some, too.

Then I woke up.


ha. that sounds like it could have been one of my dreams.
that is one strange dream!

two words

tigers blood

(and one descriptive word: yum!)
My favorite is coconut. Mmmm. Or wedding cake. I swear in Louisiana they make the best ones. The ice is really teeny tiny almost like real snow, and they call them snowballs. The best place would make this kind where it was half snowball, then soft serve vanilla ice cream in the middle, then the other half of the snowball. Awesome!
I had a weird dream that night too. A posessed girl under my bed. Creepy.
I know someone else that had a weird dream that night, too, about zombies! Weirdness.
Hi, I'm Amanda. Apparently we're both a part of the cd swap. We have interests in common and you're friends with both Deanna and Lara, and they're cool so you must be too. Anyways, long story short (but I'm starting to ramble here, dear lord) I'm adding you as a friend.
That's cool with me, as long as I can add you back. :-)
Of course!

June 2008

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