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crop circles in the carpet

Anyone who doesn't have The Last Kiss soundtrack, I highly recommend it.

Last night I figured out how to put strings on my guitar. Yes, I've had the damn thing for about 5 years and never put new strings on it. Technically I still never have; I was just restringing one that came off. I need to get some new ones. Maybe I should really learn how to play it first. Hehe. I'm going to start keeping it out so I am more encouraged to pick it up.

I've been in a really mellow mood today. I put together a playlist at work full of Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, the Last Kiss soundtrack, some Radiohead, and a couple of other songs here and there. Trying to be very productive before I go Destin next week. I am also very thankful that Destin will not be ravaged right before I go there. Sometimes, I guess in life you have to accept the small blessings.

Ok, back to work.


Where do you work, anyways? I just realized I have no idea.
Also, you are all about the mix tapes, huh? Awesome.
I work at a small company that a lot to do with the cotton industry. We basically keep track of cotton receipts in a huge database, and I run their website and do a couple of other things.

I go through different phases with music. Lately, though, I have definitely been all about the mixtapes. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that most of the music I've been listening to isn't on the radio. Plus, someone has been making me some mixes and I've been appreciating those. :-) The playlist at work, though, is just me playing a bunch of mp3s. No special mix there.

June 2008

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