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pink glitter by deathphobia


I wish someone would pick me up and take me on one of these. (Click on "Back to Voting" to see where the list came from.)

I've been kind of lonely lately. Don't get me wrong, I've had a pretty busy schedule and hung out with a lot of people, but I haven't really been connecting with anyone. Like hanging out with someone just being in the moment, or having a conversation that isn't just on your way out the door or in between commercials. I got a little of that this weekend when Christy came into town, but other than that, my one-on-one time with most people is limited.

I dunno, I'm probably just rambling. I'm sure next week I'll be complaining that I never get to see everybody in a group. I think it's just that one of the hardest things about being single again is getting used to not having someone always there to make you feel special. That's my job now.


Its been forever and a day....

I know I must be a crap friend because it's been how long since we're talked, let alone hung out. I lost your number when I got a new phone and completely forgot about your journal until now... a bad excuse, I know. Anyway, my number is still the same(240-0012), so call me and we can hang out or something. I miss you a lot.
I feel a similar, yet different type of isolation myself. Give me a call if you want to chat sometime. I think you have my number (and I don't want to post it to LJ if I don't have to), but if you don't let me know and I'll get it to you.


Woah, kick ass, you read xkcd, too!

He's comics are so damn funny. The dating thing is a cool idea, too.
Go me for not logging in.
And for putting He's instead of His.

I love me some xkcd

Actually, I think I heard of it from you. I think you posted a bulletin or something about it on myspace once. I've been keeping up with it ever since then. I mean, come on, a comic with math AND romance? Killer.

In case you're curious, here are the comics I read pretty often (besides xkcd):
Questionable Content
Toothpaste For Dinner
Married To The Sea
Something Positive
Dinosaur Comics
Soxaholix (a Red Sox comic)

I used to read Penny Arcade, too, but I haven't in awhile.

June 2008

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