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trivia and the trivial

Well, we totally rocked out at trivia the other night. Considering we only had three people, I thought it was incredible that we came in second place (and we were half a point away from first place). We won a free pitcher of beer, too, which is always cool. It was a good night for winning stuff. As much as I love winning money, I think my favorite part about trivia night is that it forces everyone out of their natural element and into a situation where the worst that can happen is good conversation and teamwork. How awesome is that? I was glad I got to go this week; I hadn't been in a long time and I really missed it.

Yesterday was another day from hell at work. I'm not sure why it's been so busy the past few days here, but I seem to be getting a lot of the crap from it. It didn't help that yesterday I made a mistake, and it ended up keeping me busy for about two hours by itself. I'm behind on a project because of all the stuff that keeps cropping up here and there, and other people are kind of relying on me finishing it soon. At least I'm almost done with it.

Anybody out there watching Big Brother or Rockstar this summer? I had just finished weaning myself off American Idol (didn't watch the second half of the last season), and now I am getting hooked on reality TV again. I totally love Dr. Will on Big Brother, even though I probably shouldn't. On Rockstar, I haven't picked a favorite to win, but I know if I could be anyone on there, it would be Storm, hands down.



June 2008

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