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complaining (you don't have to read this)

I lost my Finch cd. I've really been wanting to listen to it lately, and I have no idea where it is. That's happened to at least a couple of my cds over the past few months. Frustrating...

Plus, I feel like crap today. I have a headache, and feel all crummy all over, and haven't been able to concentrate on anything all day. It is putting me in a really bad mood (along with some other things, mostly work crap), and if I didn't know it was all hormonal I'd swear I would think I was going crazy. It sucks. I haven't talked to anyone but family in a couple of days anyway, so I think I'm going a little stir crazy. Unfortunately, my tendency when I feel like this is to withdraw a bit, so it gets worse before it gets better.

Sorry I haven't been updating much lately, but I just haven't felt like it. I am so horrible at putting my thoughts into words most of the time.

I'll leave this with a question: what's your favorite song to listen to when you're stressed/sick/feeling crappy?


I really like to listen to the Amelie soundtrack. It sorta makes me feel more crappy but then after feeling supper crappy I end up feeling better.

hey stephanie.
i like to listen to the counting crows - namely, A Long December.
There's just something about that song.
I was actually listening to counting crows yesterday! I have one of their live cds (Across a Wire), and it has this beautiful version of "Have You Seen Me Lately?" that I just love.

Mind if I add you as a friend?
Hey they actually have a new live cd out - it's called "New Amsterdam" or something along that lines. Talk about beautiful.. I love his voice, and the music, it's almost haunting sometimes.

Sure, add away! I'll warn you, I post a lot & I'm pretty open about things. And I can be obnoxious.
Yeah, I have been meaning to get that cd. I think one of my friends was going to make me a copy.

I can deal with being open and obnoxious. Those are two things I wish my journal was a little more of sometimes. haha. Most of the time I think about posting something, and just change my mind. My journal hasn't gotten a lot of attention from me lately.
i have it, too, if you are just not into buying the thing. damn the man!

well, I think I'm a little... too.. open sometimes, but, ah well. I have a desk job, so I spend a lot of time online and my journal pays the price. :)

June 2008

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