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my weekend

Hey! Well, I finally purchased a domain name, and I have my own website. (Lara, fyi, I ended up going with Network Solutions.) humbleheights.com. There's nothing there, but at least it's a place to put pictures for now.

As for my weekend, Jeff, Kim and I spent Friday night at Chris's watching lots of Lost Season 1 (yes, I am getting into Lost now, finally). No pictures from that night, but it was lots of fun. Saturday, I went to Tammy's Pampered Chef party, then bummed around most of the night and later went to Fox and Hound and met up with Josh and his girlfriend Mandi and some other people. Namely, his roommate David and someone named Lauren (Mandi's friend, I think). Fun was had, and I ended up going to sleep around 4am that night.

Sunday, nothing big happened, except I got some good pictures of the doggies. My mom's dog Nicky fell asleep on the coffee table in our living room. Then he realized he got caught and posed for some pictures. Hehe. Kim's dog Scooter obliged me with the camera later that night. Awww. :-)


Aw, the face you're making isn't that weird. And besides, now you have just added a nifty explanation in case anyone wants to know why you were doing that.



so...i know mandi. she worked with me at zany brainy for forever. how weird is that? i haven't talked to her in awhile but i met her brother nick and his wife at memphis pizza cafe earlier in may.

Re: whoa

oh...oops. i didn't even mean to be anonymous. and that's a really funny comment to put anonymously, too, hehe.
hi, i'm lindsey. actually mandi is on my friends page, i thought about that later. except she never posts.
awesome! you've joined the world of picture posts. did you get hosting/etc through network solutions too? what all did you get?
I got the package with domain name and hosting. It was pretty cheap, and still had enough extras that I could make a more complicated website if I want to using some of the web programming skills I'm picking up at work. I like it so far!
yay!! we just bought charbonnetphotography.com (i'll let you know when there's something up) through network solutions. you're right... they seem to be the best of the choices. we did the standard hosting package too. edward does weddings now (www.charbonnet.com/lara/annie.html) so if you know anyone who is getting married in TN any time soon.. lemme know!

June 2008

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