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This journal is now friends-only.

Leave a comment and I'll probably add you.


let me in... um, just cause. :)
csc 4 life yo

let me in!

or i'll sick the ninja on you : )


I have that same problem. I hear ya and feel ya. hope it gets better. I don't post on my LJ anymore. I am on Blurty now. look me up. rachsjournal


p.s. sowwie. I forgot to mention I found you through Scott's blog. :)

Re: *nods*

Hey, sorry I took ten years to respond. I added you on LJ as a friend anyway, in case you want to read my journal. I don't update as much as I used to, but I still do it every now and then. :-)

Re: *nods*

:) thanks girl!! I feel speical!


Yo! I finally got around to using that code you gave me so make me a friend already!
Hey crazy...I've got a journal now...so add me to your friends list!
sho thang, chickie!
hey this is meghan....add me?
done. :-)


this is jessica (josh's jessica i clarify b/c there are so many of us..so many jessicas not so many people who belong to josh..err whatever) add me please!

Re: please!



I don't think I know you, but I'm friends with Meghan. Add me if you like, and I'll do the same. word!

Re: hey

Yeah, I know Meghan through Josh. Sure, I'll add you -- just be warned, I'm a big geek. :-)

Re: hey

Jeez, I'm so worse. my favorite bands are old youthcrew straightedge hardcore stuff. I'm wayy stuck in the 80s. and I wear Nike hightops. so dont get me started. ha. if ya want,im on AIM at xbreakxthechainx

hey steph... it's brandie.. just wanted to let you know i added you to my friends list.. yeah i finally got a damn live journal :)
Yay! I added you back, lately I haven't been posting much, but I always keep up with my friends list fo sho'. Awesome!

i miss you

i really miss hanging out with you btw.. we need to get together and make some apple stuff one day
So this is rather lame.
I found you through that friend of a friend quiz thing, and thought I'd give it a try.
Do you mind if I add you?
No, I don't mind. I'll add you back in case you actually want to read my entries. What's the friend of a friend quiz thing?
Cool. You've been added.
Here's the link to the quiz.
I wanna be added! It seems like a popular thing to do!
done :-)
You should add me cause we share a name, and cause I'm butt-crazy in love with one of your friends (Kevin).
no problem, dude
I thought they were damn fine reasons myself :)
hey, are you the stephanie I met a few weeks ago with my other friends stephanie, chris, and p? and we ate at joe's crab shack? if you are, cool! if not, lol, sorry! :P
Yeah, that's me! I probably need to change my friends only message. It's a little mean. hehe.


June 2008

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