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Well, it looks like Cory and I may be on the road to being homeowners! I'll put up the info on the house after we talk to our realtor today, but we have been preapproved on the cutest house and we are very excited!

p.s. Any advice?
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Wow, I don't think it's been long enough since I've posted. Oh, yes it has.

Really, not too much has been going on. Cory and I moved back to my mom's last weekend, and it's been fine, actually. I really hated moving all that furniture, but our storage facility let us borrow their moving truck for free, so at least we didn't have to pay U-Haul anything. I am saying that I will never move my own furniture again! I am horrible at it. We will just save up some extra for moving costs.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, and I started going back to the gym this week. I really needed to. I'm almost back up at my highest weight again, and I can feel it in the way I sit and walk, and the way I wear my clothes. I have friends that are taking pills and stuff to lose weight, but I just can't go that route. I lost weight before by eating right and exercising, so I should be able to again. Also, I'm going to be taking a plane ride for work sometime in the next month or two, so the smaller I am, the better! Boo for small plane seats.

Back to work for now. Is it springtime yet?

so, guess who I'm going to see...

Foo Fighters! I've seen them once in concert before, but they've always been one of my favorites. I'm betting they'll rock out when they come here in January (at the FedEx Forum).

Anybody that wants presale info (tickets don't officially go on sale until Saturday), the password is PRETEND on Ticketmaster.

Other updates: Cory and I are moving back into my mom's house sometime in January. We've decided it's time to really start paying off debt and saving up to buy a house, and we'll save over $600 a month by doing this, so I think it's well worth it. Not excited about the long commute, or the lack of personal space, but I think we can make the sacrifice.

Also, I'm trying to eat healthier and work out more. I've totally gained back the 35 pounds I lost two years ago, and I can tell by the way my body behaves and how uncomfortable I feel. It's just hard to change my lifestyle when Cory and I are usually so sedentary.

Kudos to me, though; I have already bought three Christmas presents! I'm trying to get everything done early so I can really enjoy the few weeks leading up to it. Also, so I'm not dead broke on Christmas day, waiting for the cash-bearing relatives to start the handouts. I planned it out so I should be done by the first week of December.

Hope everyone is having a good day! I'm going home (it's 5:00)!
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do the friday dance

this has felt like the longest afternoon ever! it has even had a couple of things to break it up, but we're slow at work today, so i've mostly been just chilling at my desk.

it rained today. it's probably going to rain more tonight too. i'm actually really pleased about it. it hasn't had a good rain in awhile, and i love fall/spring rains. the temperature is moderate, there's a slight breeze, and the air just smells fresh and clean. i definitely get the refreshing, cleansing side everyone puts on it.

people are starting to clear out of the office now, so i'll wrap this up. going to my mom's with cory, kim, jeff, and sarah for homemade chicken fingers and a few good rounds of cards. i love family nights. i can be 100% myself, just like when i was a kid.

happy weekend everyone!
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Justin Timberlake show!

I'm not ashamed to admit I had a great time at the JT show last night. Mostly because the show really was meant for adults, so it made me giggle to think of the parents who brought their 8 year olds and weren't expecting to hear "the F-word" or see burlesque dancers.

I am so looking forward to the end of this week! Friday, we're leaving to go to Baton Rouge, and we'll be there through Wednesday (heads up, people). Then, when I get back, Josh and I are heading to the great state of KY to visit Scott. It's going to rule.

Mmm, I'm hungry. Time for lunch!